Don’t keep it to yourself anymore in the creative process!

Creavorite provides Social Polling Service for designers/artists/marketers in creative fields!
You can see the culture or taste of your clients’ region market even though you are on the opposite side of the world.
And you can get the opinion of the future market prior to the final decision of your creative works.
For the last, you don’t need to have a long presentation or explanation about your work.
They will just see the images of your works and choose the best one in a second!

You will achieve…

  • Design
  • Design
  • Brand Name
  • Marketing
  • Popular
  • Design
  • Design
  • Conceptual
  • UI/UX

with Creavorite’s Social Polling Service!


How to start a poll?

  • Choose a Poll Type Step 01
    First of all, you have to choose the type of the poll. We have basic polls and advanced polls. Basic polls will provide you the basic features and reports. The advanced one will provide more detailed information like the age, gender, region, etc. Unfortunately, for now, only basic poll is available. We will do our best to provide the advanced polling service as soon as we can!
  • Fill Information Step 02
    The next step is to fill out the poll information. You should choose and fill out the category, subject, description, poll options, duration and tags. Choosing and filling these out exactly will help your poll have more votes and you will get much more exact report. You have to be aware of that you can edit other options, but you never can change the poll options and the images after the poll already has started.
  • Payment &
    Bounty Points
    Step 03
    Now, it’s time to pay for your poll. You don’t need to spend your money in your wallet. You can pay for our polling service with your activity points that you have accumulated. One more thing, if you want to promote your poll to get more votes, you can offer bounty points to the voters. For these bounty points, you can use your activity points or buy credits as well.
  • Get the Report Step 04
    Get the report! When your poll ends, we will let you know by sending an email. Then you can get the report by linking from your email or visiting your polling page. See what the market likes the most, and we hope the report is helpful for your creative work process!
Now, you are ready to start a poll!
Experience our Social Polling service by clicking below.
Start a Poll

Why is our Social Polling so good?

  • Save your
    Time and Energy
    It takes only 1 min to post a social poll on Creavorite for you, and 1 sec to vote for the users. Do not waste your time and energyany longer.
  • Cost Effective
    Social polling service needs only images of your work pieces. Collecting the market’s opinion is not expensive when you use social polling!
  • Regional
    Culture and Taste
    Without visiting the region of your clients, you can learn the culture and see the taste of the region simply by using our social polling
  • Use
    the Activity Points
    You can use our social polling service without spending your money. Every Creavorite member can start a poll with only their Creavorite activity points.
  • Image based
    You don’t need to put every single word to explain your works. People will see the images of your works and vote for what they like the
  • See
    what the Market
    Wants in Advance
    See what the market wants or how much they want in advance. Social polling will help you maximize the possibility to success in the

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