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Creavorite supports artists and designers to earn money as much as they can.
You can have the highest earnings up to 90% as a non-exclusive seller.
Please enjoy being a Seller/Author and spreading your works on Creavorite!

Why you want to be a Seller/Author on Creavorite?

  • 75%
    Highest Earnings: Up to 90% It is the highest earnings ever.
    We support you to earn
    as much as you can.
  • 75%
    Non-Exclusive Seller/Author As a non-exclusive Seller/Author,
    you are able to sell on both Creavorite
    and other marketplace!
  • 75%
    Connected Services On Creavorite, you can meet up
    various marketplace-related services
    and will lead to increasing selling.
  • 75%
    Well Categorized We have the best categorized
    marketplace for Seller/Author to search
    your products much easily.
  • 75%
    Guarantee Minimum Price We do our best to protect the minimum
    price of your works. You can sell without
    dropping the price more than you need.

How to become a Seller/Author?

  • Submit a Product Step 01
    To be a Seller/Author, the first thing you have to do is to submit your first product. Click the button below!
  • Approved Step 02
    After you submit your first product, Your product will be inspected under our regulation. Approval result will be coming out in 24 hours. To be approved, observe by Seller/Author Terms.
  • Be a Seller/Author
    Start Selling
    Step 03
    Once your first product is approved, you can be active as seller/author on Creavorite Marketplace! Start selling right now!
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The Seller/Author Grade and the Benefits

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This is the best part of being a Seller/Author on Creavorite.
You will be able to have 80% earnings, which is the highest ever! For more details, see our Seller/Author Terms.

The benefits and criteria by seller grade. Valuation: $1 USD = 100 Credits = 100 Points

Beginner Bronze Silver Gold VIP
Seller Earnings
(As a Non-Exclusive Seller)
of the Amount of Sales (Commissions 40%)
of the Amount of Sales (Commissions 35%)
of the Amount of Sales (Commissions 30%)
of the Amount of Sales (Commissions 25%)
of the Amount of Sales
(Commissions 20%)
Now, you are ready to be a Seller/Author on Creavorite.
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