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“You will earn 10% of every purchase for a whole year and get 10 points per every new join member!” We know that affiliates can be the best members who can support artists, designers and marketers in creative fields.
So we are totally open to have affiliates and we compensate our affiliates with generous revenues!
See why you will love to join our affiliate program right now!

Why you love to be an Affiliates on Creavorite?

Earn 10% of Every PurchaseYou will earn 10% of every purchase
from your every join member
For a Whole YearYou will earn every single time
your join members purchase
in their very first year.
10 Points per
Every Join Member
Each time you have a new join member,
you will get 10 points per a join member.
Referral Link Lasts ForeverYour referral link will never expire.
It means you can make money
with Creavorite’s affiliate program forever.
Support the Artists,
Designers, and Marketers
As the marketplace grows bigger
with your affiliate activities, you’re already supporting
the artists, designers and marketers!

How to join Creavorite’s Affiliate Program?

Create a Creavorite account and just generate your own referral link!

To be an affiliate, you have to be a
member of Creavorite. Sign up right
now and you are ready to be an affiliate!
Then the only and the last thing you have
to do is just to generate your own link
by clicking the generate button below.
When you get your own referral link, you are already a Creavorite’s affiliate!
Download the banners you need below and start spreading them and making money!

What can affiliates do with the earnings?

Your earnings will be saved as credits,
so if you want to use the credits, you can buy items on Marketplace or Social Polling with the credits.
If you want to withdraw your earnings, you can withdraw it via PayPal when your earning balance reaches the payout minimum.
Withdrawals can occur once a month, with a payout minimum of $20. For more details, see the Seller/Author Terms.

Referral Banners

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