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INK. 40 Photoshop Brushes for Inking+Bonus

Graphic Templates

  • Total: 32.0 MB
  • zip
  • Works With: PSD, CMYK, JPG
  • Files Included: Photoshop ABR
  • Software Version: Adobe CS



40 Photoshop Brushes for Inking 
(37 drawing brushes with settings + 3 splash/blot brushes from "SPLASHES" Brush set)
+ Photoshop Action for 100% black


This set allows to reach the effects of drawing and writing with instruments filled by ink. I created it during two years long work on illustrative series for the dilogy book "Anisotropic Highway" and number of inner ink-like inner spread illustrations for "Analog" SF-magazine.This Brush Set is designed for Adobe Photoshop but in fact it may be also used in Photoshop Elements. Working on those aforesaid graphic art pieces I was intended to reach the effect of drawing and writing by nib and ruling pen, various brushes, homemade pen (also known as cola pen).


You'll receive:

1. ABR-file , "INK. by EldarZakirov ©2016-2018.abr",

The file contains 37 main brushes imitating various nibs, ruling pen, homemade pen for calligraphy (cola pen), brushes, brush sprays. Also included 3 blot brushes from the "SPLASHES" brush set — as a bonus. They put blots and splashes of ink, which can give the work more authenticity and liveliness. All Brushes were tested 

2. ABR-file , "INK. wo procedural 37 ©.abr",

(in the "Fallback option for older PS versions" subfolder)

The fallback for old Photoshop versions owners.

3. ATN-file , "DEHALFTONIZER, Hard INK Drawing.atn",

Action for preparing finished monochrome image for printing, removes halftones and leaves only full 100% black and pure white colors.

4. JPG-file , "LIST of INK. brush set by EldarZakirovNEW.jpg",

The list image of Set’s brushes with their titles and examples of their stroke/trail.

It could be downloaded also here (clickable):

5. PDF-file , "INK. Documentation, Manual & FAQs.pdf",

Description, documentation, general information, tips, FAQ.

It could be downloaded also here (clickable):


All brushes were tested during real work


Examples of Art created with these brushes: 


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